#1… Blogging

September 6, 2006

Ok so my first “blog”. Wow, I have suddenly leaped from being a secluded young student keeping his thoughts to himself, to a grown-up college boy that wishes for his ideas and ambitions to be heard and understood. When I began thinking about it I began wondering: What IS blogging? Why do people send hours putting up their thoughts onto a website that people may or may not read?

When I first came upon blogging I honestly could not see what people saw in it. I could not understand what sort of thrill a person could get by posting his or her thoughts up on to a website for everyone and anyone to read and criticize. Why would someone waste precious time like that on something so “stupid” and trivial? Why not go out and do something that could eventually amount to something? Thoughts like this disturbed my for a very long time and only recently have I found some sense to the utter madness I believed blogging to be.

I recently began reading blogs over the summer because, honestly, I had nothing better to do. Whether I was sitting at work or laying on my bed at home, whenever I did not have anything to do I would pull up a blog site and start to read it. I had been introduced to a few by a friend, Rishi Taparia, who has one himself and an anonymous man called “Ed” that writes about a handphone I recently purchased. After reading all they had to say I realized that I had actually found what they had to say somewhat interesting. Believe it or not I had been changed :p I realized that when you know the person that is writing these blogs there is a sense of intimacy involved. Whether it be a person I BARELY know, or someone I have known for years. Being able to read about what they thought was important interested me and kept me gripped.

So, a couple days later and I once again had nothing to do. I had finished reading the blogs I had found interesting and decided that it acutally might be a worthwhile endeavor to have blog to write about anything I want. If I was able to sit and read about other people, why wouldn’t SOMEBODY read what I had to wrote?Plus, going off to college, it might be nice for me to put my thoughts somewhere where my friends and family back in Jakarta can read them and see how I’m doing and what I’m thinking about. So began Arcane Thoughts…


4 Responses to “#1… Blogging”

  1. Jayesh said

    Yo man,

    You haven’t been gone but one week and i read your line about posting your thoughts so friends n family in jkt could read…thats so true. When you said i was the one most like you, i think you were right because i dont see how people spend so much time on their blogs lol but im sure that will change when i head off too. So, i think this is your first comment šŸ˜€ haha, take care man and dont be one of those people who start blogging then after a month or so dont check it at all. Peace.


  2. Shalini said

    Hi Drish,

    I find this very interesting becasue its one more thing you’ve taught your tech-unsavvy mom!It’s true that you’ve got to keep trying new things before you decide that you like…or dont like them.

    Keep posting your thoughts and I’ll try not to embarras you with my comments!

    But I’ll enjoy reading them.

  3. Anusha said

    oh dear…not you too

  4. Akhil Menon said


    blogging is so lame

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